Under Taleem a comprehensive inclusive education approaches framework will be developed including approaches for intra and intersectoral coordination, screening mechanism, curriculum and learning materials development and availability, inclusive classroom teaching and learning and special and inclusive learning assessments mechanism and tools; along with a Training Programme on inclusive learning techniques and best practices for inclusive classroom teaching, learning and assessments.

The Taleem program focuses on improving equity and promoting the approach of inclusive education, by enabling schools to serve all children, particularly those defined as having special educational needs. This can only happen if mainstream schools become capable of educating all children through instituting a regular screening and assessment mechanism. Under this component screening for mild disabilities will be conducted in all SED schools in 2 districts (Multan & Jhelum). The development of better screening procedures can be helpful for children with learning disabilities who require special assistance in mainstream schools or assistive devices to be able to follow lessons in the same mainstream schools. Assistive devices will be provided by UNICEF under this program.

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