In pursuance to the provision of the sub-section (1) of Section (7) of the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013, PMIU-PESRP has nominated its departmental Public Information Officer (PIO) with the following details:

Functions, and Duties:

The Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme (PESRP) is an umbrella programme under which various reforms have been initiated in the school education sector since 2003. The activities under these reforms have been funded by the Govt. of Punjab, the World Bank, UNICEF, and FCDO. Under this programme, various reform activities have been planned, implemented, and sustained by the School Education Department (SED), its attached departments, and District Education Authorities.
The Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU), established in 2003 as a programme monitoring and implementation unit, plays the role of a coordinator and facilitator for the implementation of reform activities under PESRP. The unit works in SNE mode under which it receives its budget (salary & non-salary) from Govt. of Punjab and technical support from the World Bank. The basic mandate of the unit is to coordinate with SED, its attached departments, and field formations on the one hand, and with the donors on the other to agree on certain reform activities, which the SED agrees to carry out, while the donors agree to support. The funds for the activities are provided in the budgets of the SED and its attached departments by the Finance Department, while funds from the donors are provided to the government directly as sector budget support at the end of the financial year upon satisfactory achievement of agreed, pre-specified program implementation progress and performance results through Disbursement Link Indicators (DLIs). The PMIU only follows up with the executing entities as regards the targets of various activities, collects evidence of the achievement of targets, and shares it with the donors.
In addition to its coordination role, the PMIU is also mandated to implement an elaborate system of monitoring through 36 District Monitoring Officers (DMOs) and a team of monitors who monitor various school-based indicators every month, report through an online portal, and their data is then shared by PMIU with SED and District Education Authorities which is then used for the purpose of planning and performance management.
PMIU-PESRP is also leading the Punjab Education Sector Reform Roadmap which brings the provincial leadership’s attention to improving the schooling outcomes through holding delivery agents accountable for performance. Program Monitoring & Implementation Unit, Punjab Education Sector Reform Program (PMIU-PESRP) is playing a pivotal role in the implementation of School Education reforms aimed at improving access, quality, and governance in the education sector. PMIU-PESRP has successfully implemented Punjab Education Projects under PESP-l, PESP-ll & PESP-III. At present PESP-III is under implementation of the Program.

PMIU-PESRP also performs the following major functions:

  • Coordination with PCTB for the printing of free textbooks and their distribution to all the schools under the School Education Department.
  • Support to Punjab Social Protection Authority for grant of Girls School Stipend to 16 low literacy districts of Punjab.
  • Disbursement of Non-Salary Budget (NSB) to the Public Sector Schools in Punjab through District Education Authorities.

Coordination with PITB to implement School Information System (SIS) which will be handed over to PMIU-PESRP from Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) in the near future.

Powers and functions of its officers and employees:

The PMIU-PESRP is funded through the non-development budget w.e.f. 1st July 2003 and in charge of the PMIU-PESRP is ‘’Programme Director’’ and reports to the Secretary, School Education Department. Other staff is reporting to the Programme Director, PMIU-PESRP. The Programme Director has the financial powers of a category-I officer. The Program Director (BPS 19/20) has overall responsibility for leading PMIU management and staff and facilitating other partner organizations in the management, implementation, and coordination of Project activities, and supporting transparency and accountability for the effective use of donor funds with an objective to improve strategies, project design, and activities, and to maximize quality and impact of the project. The detail of sanctioned posts as headed by PD, PMIU-PESRP is as under:

Sr.No. Name of Post No. of Post(s) BPS Functions of officer


Additional Programme Director



The Additional Program Director assists Program Director in coordination with stakeholders including the Development Partners, School Education Department, attached departments of SED and Government of Punjab and provides operational support to the staff in project/ program implementation


Deputy Director (Planning)



The Deputy Director (Planning) has an overall responsibility to implement; school council policy implementation and capacity development and; girl’s stipend program


Deputy Director (Finance)



The Deputy Director Finance has an overall responsibility to establish, manage and maintain all aspects of Project/Program financial management and generate financial reports in accordance with the statutory and regulatory parameters, World Bank guidelines and other obligations in the loan/credit and TA agreements.


Deputy Director (M&E)



The Deputy Director Monitoring & Evaluation has an overall responsibility of monitoring and evaluation of all government schools in Punjab. The officer maintains close liaison with the field formations of PMIU i.e the District Monitoring Officers (DMOs). This office also prepares district rankings based on the monitoring data. Furthermore, it is responsible for meeting implementation goals.


Deputy Director (Coord)



The Deputy Director Coordination has an overall responsibility of implementation of Teacher Performance Incentives and coordination with QAED, School Education Department and PEF. The DD (C) is required to ensure that the program requirements are developed and implemented in a timely fashion and to take on board the views of key stakeholders including the development partners.


Admin & Accounts Officer



The Administration & Accounts Officer has an overall responsibility to provide timely, reliable, cost effective, and highly efficient logistics, administrative, and budgetary support to PMIU and District Monitoring Officer (DMO) offices within all legislative, policy and procedural guidelines (of Government of Punjab) in a manner to ensure the smooth and effective delivery of PMIU’s organizational activities.


Administration Officer



To assist Administration & Accounts Officer in providing timely, reliable, cost effective, and highly efficient logistics, administrative, and budgetary support to PMIU and to look after the matters of DMOs office IT staff


Assistant Director (Accounts)



The Assistant Director Accounts has the responsibility to maintain accounts of the Project, to make payments under TA component and to assist DD(F) in preparation of various financial reports required by Development Partners and Government Departments.


District Monitoring Officers



The District Monitoring Officer ensure that school in their districts be inspected by an MEA every month, supplying requisite, partially pre-filled school inspections forms (already designed by the School Education in consultation with PMIU-PESRP) to the MEAs, ensuring data entry of MEAs inspection reports and their timely submission of weekly basis to PMIU-PESRP and Monitoring cell, SED,keeping the District Government constantly updated about decline of improvement in the Education sector’s performance in the district so that immediate corrective steps may be taken, inspecting schools and college as per PMIU-PESRP’s instructions, observing all timelines issued by PMIU-PESRP regarding various activities and keeping the information flow lines intact between the District Government and Provincial Government, Administering all affairs related with district EMIS Cells, undertaking all such tasks, special assignments as assigned by PMIU-PESRP from time to time.

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