Rehabilitation and Revitalization of Science Labs, IT Labs and Libraries

Rehabilitation and Revitalization of Science Labs, IT Labs and Libraries

A lot of the public schools in Punjab currently have dysfunctional and out-of-use science and computer labs. These educational spaces available to all schools are vital to quality education as they foster extensive learning through discovery and investigation. Though educational outcomes for students, as gauged by quantitative indicators such as average matriculation exam results, indicate that modest improvement has occurred in the last 10 years, it is still very slow.

The Rehabilitation and Revitalization Project aims to ensure 1000 school laboratories and computer labs are brought to optimal standards. ‘Rehabilitation’ here means that they are sufficiently equipped with equipment and maintenance regimes that ensure their functionality and upkeep. ‘Revitalisation’ refers to the fostering of a culture, the building of teaching capacity and the creation of systems that will ensure that the lab facilities are used to the best effect to enrich the curriculum, nurture extensive learning and instill critical thinking in students. The schools have been chosen from the poorest performing districts in Punjab, with the aim of bringing it at par with the rest of the province.

Schools have been selected from the following districts

Districts for Revitalization and Rehabilitation of Science and IT Labs
Rawalpindi Sialkot Lahore Gujranwala
Mianwali Sahiwal Multan DG Khan
Kasur Mandi Bahauddin Okara T.T Singh
Khushab Faisalabad Rahim Yar Khan Layyah

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