Literacy and Numeracy Drive (LND)

Monitoring Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) conduct the LND test during their monthly visits to each public school. Grade 3 students are tested through an android application on tablets on learning outcomes for English, Math and Urdu. The app-based test randomly selects assessment questions from a central question bank made by PEC. Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) are trained by PMIU on conduct, roles and responsibilities and the assessment process. The Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) have been instructed to select 7 students from grade 3 at random through the LND application, and to test their literacy and numeracy skills through the spot test on their tablets. The data collected by MEAs is updated daily, Monday through Saturday. MEAs complete their visits for a given month on the last day of that month and begin re-visiting schools on the first day of every month.

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