PMIU Data Center

Under the initiative of the School Education Department (SED), PMIU has built a Tier-III and state-of-the-art Data Center facility. The said facility is hosted with centralized architecture with next generation software solutions. The Data Center shall also provide the base infrastructure for future initiatives of SED.
Disaster recovery is the ability to recover from an event impacting the functioning of your organization’s data center as quickly and completely as possible. A disaster can be any non-routine event which has the potential of disrupting IT services to PMIU users / sites. An incident can be a fire, earthquake, significant hardware failure, power break down, flood etc. The objective is to provide a backup of the primary data center in case of disasters. Data from the schools will be routed to this backup site in case of a disaster.
An identical DR site of data center will be set up with communications lines and actively copying data at all times. This site will be a virtual mirror image of the current data center, with all systems configured. Data will be replicated from the primary data center to the disaster recovery site.

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