Establishment of Actions to Strengthen Performance for Inclusive and Responsive Education (ASPIRE) Project under the umbrella of Programme Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) is a significant initiative of the government and a vital step to actively assist and promote the better and broader educational facilities in six under privileged districts of Punjab i.e.,
Bhakkar, Lodhran, Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffargarh, Rajanpur and Rahim Yar Khan.
ASPIRE is a World Bank funded project, and the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training (MoFE&PT) is leading the project. A grant of $54.675 million has been designated for Punjab for a period of 05 years, i.e., 2020-25.This initiative’s primary objective is to eliminate educational setbacks and wholeheartedly embrace a future characterised by enhanced educational opportunities and outcomes.

Construction of Classrooms:

There exists a compelling issue that warrants our utmost consideration. The issue of insufficient classroom space in educational institutions has arisen as a significant challenge, posing a hindrance to the pursuit of quality education for our esteemed young learners. Recognise the imperative requirement for more than 100,000 classrooms in the province of Punjab, wherein enthusiastic students ardently aspire for a favourable milieu to commence their educational voyage. ASPIRE is committed to the noble objective of constructing an impressive over 1,000 classrooms in the schools of the 06 Project Districts. This initiative empowers students to achieve their educational goals successfully and is a formidable catalyst for advancing quality education. During the FY 2022-23, the School Education Department under ASPIRE project disburse funds to construct 283 Classrooms in 06 lagging districts. Similarly during the FY 2023-24, ASPIRE plans to construct more than 700 classrooms in these 6 districts.


Construction of Washroom Blocks:

A matter of utmost significance that poses a significant obstacle to the education of numerous girls students, the conspicuous lack of readily available lavatory facilities, clean water sources, and adequate hygiene protocols within our esteemed government educational institutions. Unfortunately, we must acknowledge the grave nature of this situation, which has resulted in high absences among children (especially female students) due to the challenging health concerns faced by the students. During the FY 2022-23, ASPIRE has successfully constructed 400 additional washroom blocks across the six designated project districts. These washroom blocks have been constructed exclusively within the premises of girls’ educational institutions.These 400 toilet blocks are near to completion with 50% already constructed and the remaining to be completed in the month of August, 2023.

Improving Internet, Health & Hygiene:

The internet’s power revolutionizes the essence of education – a cornerstone of progress and growth. ASPIRE aims for an innovative and revolutionary solution whereby more than 1000 schools have established new internet connections, opening access to boundless educational prospects for students. It opens avenues for the convergence of affordability and unparalleled cost-effectiveness. Moreover, it is imperative to underscore the profound significance of health and hygiene and its inherent correlation. Notably, an impressive number, i.e. 9211 educational institutions have diligently endeavoured to enhance their facilities, thereby prioritising their student body’s well-being and sanitary conditions.
Budgetary support for internet billing for 1088 schools with IT Labs is being provided monthly. A budgetary support ranging from 2000-4000 is being provided in all schools in 6 lagging districts for health and hygiene items monthly.


Establishment of Transgender Schools:

The transgender community is a marginalized group that is frequently overlooked and does not receive equal treatment to its peers. Consequently, individuals are left with no alternative but to resort to a life of criminality and other livelihood methods.
The government of Punjab duly recognises the paramount importance of education and under the ASPIRE project, 01 Transgender school is operationalized at each divisional headquarter. ASPIRE aim to initiate and establish a pioneering educational endeavour dedicated solely to serving the transgender community. We are delighted to announce that we have successfully established all nine schools designated for inauguration as part of the project. The enrollment figures in our educational institutions have surpassed initial projections and are currently demonstrating a sustained growth pattern.

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