Welcome to PMIU-PESRP

Functioning as the think-tank and project implementation wing of the School Education Department, the PMIU-PESRP is mandated to strengthen and transform the educational environment by providing equitable education service delivery across the Punjab. Through a robust monitoring and evaluation ecosystem, PMIU aims to bring constructive and sustained change ensuring the provision of an unbounded environment to marginalized segments of society. PMIU’s partnerships with policymakers, stakeholders, and large-scale international donors enable productive and effective interventions around access, quality, and governance of the education system in Punjab.

As the primary data hub for the School Education Department, PMIU collect, compile, and analyze large datasets to identify gaps and effectively utilize the research to inform evidence-based decision-making at multiple levels of management. It works to strengthen educational governance through the employment of strategic initiatives that include increasing enrollment and retention, improving classroom infrastructure to provide a conducive learning environment, strengthening early years education, and increasing learning levels of all children through sustainable and scalable reforms.


PMIU-PESRP enjoys unique operational flexibility allowing it to be responsive to vital needs in a quick and effective manner. Equipped with a young and vibrant workforce, the PMIU-PESRP specializes in designing and implementing out-of-the-box solutions to complex education service delivery challenges. Having implemented multiple large-scale education sector reform programmes funded by the World Bank, UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, and Global Partnership for Education among other donors, the PMIU-PESRP provides a dynamic one-stop solution to multiple education-centric issues.


To reform the educational landscape of Punjab through interventions on access, quality, and governance. PMIU-PESRP enables delivery of free and compulsory education due to the Punjab Education Act 2014, preparing the youth to adapt to a rapidly changing world. By pioneering educational excellence, it seeks to reform the public education system in Punjab and strives to bring it at par with the best education service delivery systems in the world.


Transform, Enable, Sustain

To be the definitive benchmark in education sector reforms, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring every child’s basic right to education. We strive to overcome hurdles such as lack of infrastructure, teacher shortages, geographical distances, and societal norms, fostering a transformative and inclusive learning environment. PMIU aims to ensure that every child in Punjab, whether male or female, comes to school, stays in school, and ends up contributing to a progressive and vibrant Pakistan.

Meet Our Team


M. Farooq Rasheed

Programme Director


Imtiaz Shahid

Addl. Programme Director


Zerva Waqar

Deputy Director M&E


Zubair Abbas

Deputy Director Finance


Muddassir Arif

Deputy Director Coordinator


Organizational Hierarchy

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