Welcome to PMIU-PESRP

Functioning as the think-tank and project implementation wing of the School Education Department, the PMIU-PESRP is mandated to strengthen and transform the educational environment by providing equitable education service delivery across the Punjab. Through a robust monitoring and evaluation ecosystem, PMIU aims to bring constructive and sustained change ensuring the provision of an unbounded environment to marginalized segments of society. PMIU’s partnerships with policymakers, stakeholders, and large-scale international donors enables productive and effective interventions around access, quality, and governance of the education system in Punjab.


To reform the educational landscape of Punjab through interventions in access, quality, and governance. PMIU-PESRP enables delivery of free and compulsory education as mandated by the Punjab Education Act 2014, preparing the youth to adapt to a rapidly changing world. By pioneering educational excellence, it aims to reform the public education system in Punjab and strives to bring it at par with the best education service delivery systems in the world.


Transform, Enable, Sustain
To be the definitive benchmark in education sector reforms, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring every child’s basic right to education. We strive to overcome hurdles such as lack of infrastructure, teacher shortages, geographical distances, and societal norms, fostering a transformative and inclusive learning environment. PMIU aims to ensure that every child in Punjab, whether male or female, comes to school, stays in school, and ends up contributing to a progressive and vibrant Pakistan.

Data Centre

A state-of-the-art Tier III compliant data center was inaugurated on March 3rd, 2022.

Free Textbooks

Coordination with PCTB for printing of free textbooks and their distribution to all the schools under School Education Department


Disbursement of Non-Salary Budget (NSB) to the Public Sector Schools in the Punjab through District Education Authorities

Regular Activities

Girls' Stipend Program

Girls' Stipend Program

PMIU continues to implement the Zewar-e-Taleem Programme, and successfully disbursed stipends to 538,159 beneficiaries in the 16 districts of Southern Punjab. This stipend is critical in enabling the girls from these districts to complete their middle and high school education.

Afternoon School Program

Afternoon School Program

The Afternoon School Program aims to provide equitable educational opportunities to children in areas where access to schools remains a challenge along with low retention and high drop-out rates. The program is designed to ‘upgrade’ the existing primary or middle schools.

Annual School Census

Annual School Census

Conventionally, PMIU conducts Annual School Census on October 31st every year. With focus on technological innovation, it was decided in 2018 to transition from manual data collection to digitized data collection through the School Information System (SIS).

Currently Running programmes


The TALEEM Programme, a visionary initiative that aims to catalyze transformative changes in Punjab’s education landscape. The ESPIG, supported by the GPE, empowers the TALEEM Programme to revolutionize access, learning outcomes, equity, and education management.


ASPIRE Project under the umbrella of PMIU is a significant initiative of the government and a vital step to actively assist and promote the better and broader educational facilities in six underprivileged districts of Punjab.


The objective of Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP) is to increase the utilization of quality health and education services, as well as economic and social inclusion programs among poor and vulnerable households in selected districts in Punjab.

IT Interventions

The Programme Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) places emphasis on the use of technology as a strategic approach to enhance program efficiency and effectiveness. The Data Center established at PMIU, will strengthen the use of technology for optimized data collection, analysis and reporting. The aim is to enable data-driven decision-making, improved resource allocation, and better program management across the education sector.
The Data Center has been at the forefront of developing web and Android applications (SIS, SIF, HR, COT etc.) to streamline administrative and educational processes. Moreover, the Data Center provides essential IT support to School Education Department and its attached bodies and departments. This ensures the seamless functioning of the entire educational system, reinforcing PMIU's commitment to educational excellence.



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